Choose garden furniture with fire pit to avoid these pits
TIME:2022-03-04 09:53:24 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    As people pay more attention to balcony decoration, garden furniture with fire pit has been frequently used in open balcony. Different styles, people are overwhelmed, do not know how to choose: the location of the door does not say; Pay more attention to the details when purchasing. What more pitfalls can be avoided?

    garden furniture with fire pit

    From the perspective of choice, people's aesthetic requirements are higher and higher, and the sense of experience should be more strict. Outdoor furniture is not listed, not only to be practical, but also should have a high value and home decoration with the task. From a lot of items, many of them have a strong sense of design, but the collocation is quite different,

    Why? Do you really know the style of garden furniture with fire pit? How to make the home decoration match both practical and good-looking effect!

    The design style can be divided into: traditional style, modern style, post-modern style, natural style and mixed style, but the mixed style is not satisfactory.

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    After understanding the style and material selection, when choosing outdoor furniture, you can determine the material according to the overall decoration style, and finally choose the products you like.

    If it is placed on a soft lawn, do not use garden furniture with fire pit when choosing. Cork will absorb moisture, and then cause damage to the frame. If it is hard ground, cork frame can be selected.

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    There is no sunshade in the outdoor activity area, and it is directly exposed to the sun, so iron furniture is more resistant to the sun. In places that are often wet and rainy, plastic may be a good choice.

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