Advantages of rattan style furniture
TIME:2021-07-01 15:17:44 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

rattan style furniture combines hand weaving with industrial production, and skillfully blends different shapes, patterns and even cloth art.

rattan wicker chair keeps its original color. Each piece is like a handicraft given by nature. It is a shortcut to close the relationship between man and nature and a bridge to integrate into nature.

Because it is made of rattan, the delicacy of its preparation determines the convenience of its cleaning.

rattan style furniture

Therefore, consumers should be reminded to check whether the production process of rattan furniture is meticulous and whether the rattan arrangement is smooth. However, if long-term outdoor, more or less there will be a certain deformation and fading.

1.rattan style furniture has strong air permeability and fresh feel.

 The simple rattan color helps to calm the nerves and calm the Qi. It is good for summer and sleep.

 An elegant rattan bed, with delicate rattan bed cabinet, rattan bed lamp, floor lamp, and a rattan curtain, can create a cool small vision.

2.Rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer. 

In addition, in the original processing process, it has to go through the processes of cooking, drying, color floating, anti-virus, anti mildew and sterilization.

 It is extremely durable. If you choose it once, you can benefit from it for 20 or even 30 years. This is also one of the reasons for the high price of Rattan Ware.

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3.Rattan can be biodegradable

so the use of rattan is conducive to environmental protection and will not cause environmental pollution.

4.Dense and firm

light, tough and firm, and easy to bend, not afraid of extrusion, not afraid of pressure, flexible and elastic;

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5.Rattan is a fast growing plant with strong regeneration ability

 and its general growth cycle is 5-7 years. rattan style furniture has the advantages of simple and elegant color, beautiful shape, light structure, elegant appearance, tough texture, simple and natural. It is mostly used in balcony, garden, tea room, study, living room, etc.

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