Design small garden with large outdoor dining table
TIME:2022-03-04 10:14:33 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Many people want to integrate their own ideas into the garden design, but they don't have enough professional knowledge. The large outdoor dining table can only follow the designer's ideas, but the final garden can't match their own mind.

    First of all, we should partition the garden according to our own needs. In general, there needs to be a rest area and a green planting area. The garden furniture is mainly made in the rest area.

    large outdoor dining table

    If you have children at home, you can plan a children's playground. If you have pets at home, you can also plan a pet activity area.

     It is suggested that the large outdoor dining table in the green planting area can run through the whole garden and connect each area, so that there is integrity between areas.

    The second step is plant selection. The garden can't be without plants. You can choose some annual flowers and shrubs to create a beautiful and dynamic garden landscape.

    E-catalogue 18-9-2_副本.jpg

    You can also choose some larger trees as natural umbrellas. If you put the grey garden chairs in the shade, you can feel the natural shade and freshness.

    The third step is the enclosure design of the garden. If climbing plants are planted, fences are needed. When choosing materials, we should pay attention to the design style of the garden and choose the corresponding materials.

    E-catalogue 18-9-3_副本.jpg

    In the choice of large outdoor dining table, the same should also be combined with style, put the appropriate type.


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