Decoration style of outdoor wicker sofa
TIME:2022-03-04 10:31:48 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Nordic style is mainly three aspects: tone, outdoor wicker sofa, soft. Master these three points, you can pretend to be a Nordic style.

    outdoor wicker sofa color matching, the main color 60% (wall color / ground color), shop color 30% (fabric), decorative color 10% (pillow, hanging picture, jewelry).

    outdoor wicker sofa

    Generally, the walls of Nordic style design are mostly light gray or pure white, and the floor is suggested to use light wood color floor, or the wood grain brick with light wood grain is also very beautiful.

    Basically, after the main color is determined, you can choose travertine dining table and curtains and other large color blocks. If the main color of your home is gray + light gray, the curtains can choose white or light linen.

    If the main color is white + light wood, the curtain can choose gray / gray blue or linen. Want main curtain and sofa, if the choice is same color department, had better have transition of a shade.

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    At this point, the outdoor wicker sofa tone has a general outline, which can be basically determined in white / gray / gray blue / log / flax. These colors match harmoniously and are more suitable for novices. Beginners are advised not to match their own exaggerated large area of color.

    At this time, you can choose some bright color pillows and hanging paintings to activate the space.

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     Such as yellow, black, blue, green, metal color, and some stripes, geometric patterns of the pillow are very suitable for fresh wicker table and chairs design. Embellish the word of color, can choose the small thing with rich color as far as possible.

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