Material selection of outdoor wicker sofa
TIME:2022-03-04 10:33:00 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Nordic style is actually a style that you can easily use. You don't want the new Chinese style and desktop style to be supported by a strong aesthetic foundation. Therefore, choosing some common outdoor wicker sofa can highlight the feeling of Nordic style.

    table garden set materials are not as specific as Japanese style furniture. While wood is widely used, there will also be metal, acrylic (plastic), leather goods, glass, cotton cloth, stone and so on.

    outdoor wicker sofa

    In fact, furniture is also included in soft decoration, but let's just take it out and talk about Nordic soft decoration, such as pillows, lamps, green plants, carpets, hanging paintings and so on.

     outdoor wicker sofa design is absolutely one of the most important links, with good even can save the previous failure.

    E-catalogue 17-25_副本.jpg

    The importance of hanging pictures and green plants, in the Nordic style design furniture, there are often a lot of modeling plants, such as banyan, guibeizhu and Tianchi.

    It is suggested to match with cement tray, red pottery basin or brass, rattan basket, etc. the effect of plants changing for a basin will be completely different.

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    Decorative painting: outdoor wicker sofa is more suitable for green plants, geometric colors, cartoon animals and English letters. Many Nordic style decorative paintings will appear directly in a treasure search.

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