Methods of formaldehyde vintage wrought iron chairs
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New furniture usually has a more pungent flavor when bought. It will not only smell bad but also affect health.

 The more such vintage wrought iron chairs, the more smoke the room will be, the children and the old people with poor physical resistance will be uncomfortable for a long time, and they will be prone to cough and headache.

These furniture has the pungent flavor because formaldehyde exceeds the standard, so what is the method of outside coffee table formaldehyde removal?

vintage wrought iron chairs

1、Open windows for ventilation

 formaldehyde in indoor air will be taken to the outside under the condition of air flow.

After the formaldehyde released by ziah furniture reaches the standard value or above, open the door and window ventilation until the concentration drops below the standard value.

 Repeat the process until formaldehyde in the furniture is no longer released.

Method 2. The vessel contains some water, then adds vinegar, puts it in a ventilated room, and opens the vintage wrought iron chairs. This can not only increase indoor humidity, release formaldehyde quickly, but also absorb formaldehyde from nearby air.

 The smell of vinegar can also cover up the pungent smell. After absorbing saturated, the water in the vessel needs to be replaced, and repeat the process.

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Method 3. Buy some pineapples and put them in each room. For the big rooms, you can put more.

 Because pineapple is a kind of coarse fiber fruit, it can absorb the paint flavor and can also achieve the fragrance of pineapple to cover up the pungent taste, and increase the indoor humidity to accelerate the formaldehyde release.

2Method of removing flavor and cleaning agent

Ammonia compounds are used to react with harmful substances in space, which can remove flavor and clean. Pour the deodorizing detergent into the vessel, place it in each room, and wipe the white iron chairs with a cloth dip.

Formaldehyde can be removed from the air in the furniture. After a few weeks, the cleaning agent is removed when it is inactive or cleaned and invalid, repeat the method again.

3vintage wrought iron chairs Plant method

The more economical and affordable way to beautify the home is to put the appropriate green plants at home. Basket, green pineapple, and other green broad-leaved plants can absorb a small amount of formaldehyde in the air.

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 If there are more green plants, it is recommended to put the green plants outdoors at night, because the plants breathe in the absence of light at night and absorb oxygen.

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