How to choose a light and comfortable outdoor chair for yourself? (1)
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There are more and more outdoor activities, whether going out to paint nature, enjoying nature camping, leisure fishing, a light and comfortable chair will always bring you a "Ah" of comfort and comfortable rest. So more and more like outdoor people, always in the trunk of a small portable outdoor chair.

Choose a good outdoor chair, ordinary people do not know a few tricks!

How to choose a comfortable outdoor chair?

Before we talk about this topic, let's take a look at some of the available outdoor chair parameters.

Now let's talk about a few factors to choose outdoor chair:

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1First, weight

no matter what kind of travel you use, carrying capacity is always a key consideration.

1.For the go-go backpack, lightweight and small is a key indicator, because you need to pack all the equipment in the backpack, all the way to carry it, so you should choose a small ultra-light chair,a outdoor folding chairs; (sketching, for example, can tire you out with a pound difference in weight, and even more so with a beautiful woman.).

2.For self-driving trips, all the lifting is done by your car, so you can choose a luxurious and comfortable chair, but you can't go fishing or picnicking as soon as you open the door, it is often necessary to park the car in a designated location and move the equipment. (fishing, for example, can sometimes take up to 10 minutes to walk to beautiful lakeside woodlands, and heavy chairs can be a burden.).

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2、  Second,Choose a good outdoor chair, ordinary people do not know a few tricks!

1.Fishing: Leisure time with 3,5 friends to find a place with good scenery, sitting next to a volunteer hook is also a great thing in life. Fishing Chair can not use a chaise lounge, the best outdoor chairs,waiting patiently if it is a chaise lounge, you will probably be asleep before the fish take the bait, so a comfortable chair that allows you to concentrate is essential.

2. CAMPING: set up your own little camp in a scenic park or along a rocky lake. If a tent is a temporary haven for the soul, then a comfortable chair is a powerful aid to letting off steam, the moment you sit down, it's as easy as walking on a cloud. It's nice to talk and laugh with your friends, or to listen to birds and music.

3. Sketching: For those who love sketching, folding chair is one of the necessary tools for travelling and painting. Solid solid solid feeling comfortable, sitting for a long time is not easy to sultry and other characteristics is essential. That you can immerse yourself in the mood of sketching.


A. Flat, solid ground, suitable for almost all outdoor chairs, of course, large, larger chairs will be more comfortable;

B. Rugged ground, sand, beaches, etc, low outdoor chairs will be more stable;

C.Some festivals limit the height of chairs, so low chairs are more appropriate for this occasion.

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