How to choose a light and comfortable outside chair for yourself?(2)
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this type of chair is generally composed of brackets, fabrics and links. The quality of the material determines the comfort price of the outside chair.

1Bracket is generally divided into four materials, wood, steel, LV, plastic. Solid Wood: lighter than steel, corrosion resistant. Steel Pipe: relatively heavy, anti-corrosion, surface spray treatment, enhance the corrosion resistance of metal, extended outdoor service life. Aluminum Alloy: Light, high strength; surface oxidation or spray treatment, enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal, extend outdoor service life. Plastics: by means of injection molding machines and molds.

2Fabric fabric fabric is divided into domestic and import, quality and price will also be different. POLYESTER FIBER: PVC or PE lamination post-treatment, the most widely used. Nylon (nylon) : Very smooth to the touch Teslin: often used in the courtyard or the beach and other outdoor relatively harsh environment.

3Accessories plastic parts use PP (polypropylene)/PA (Polyamide/nylon) material; hardware parts use stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

Choose a good outside chair, ordinary people do not know a few tricks!

outdoor chair


All the outdoor people should thank the hard-working designers now outside chair can be said to be full of styles.


Not all chairs support the same weight, so check the weight of the chair before purchase.

Most lightweight chairs have a maximum load of 120kg, and the Oscar folding director's outdoor folding chair weighs 2.8 kg, which is 1 kg lighter than the lightest chair in the industry but can carry up to 140KG, imported high-quality fabric with excellent support design not only makes it strong and beautiful also increased load-bearing.

outside chair

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