How to choose a good outdoor chair ?
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Whether it is carried out in the base after a day of walking, or static view of course, look at each other, a comfortable camping chair is a place where you can take a break. As a result, more and more people regard outdoor chairs as a necessity for camping and recreation.

How to choose a good table and chair? 6 tips for outdoor luminaries!

The average person is not sure how to choose a comfortable and durable outdoor chair? As a hot-selling 46 China's outdoor sports brands, the foreign market outdoor leisure chair category TOP well-known brands, will integrate the advantages of commodities, to talk about this issue.

The outdoor master summed up the 6 tips:


 Transportation Transportation is an important factor in choosing outdoor chairs.

(1).Being light and small is an important indicator of a SATCHEL's mobility, and since you have to pack all your gear into the Satchel and carry it all the way, you should choose a small ultralight chair or low outdoor chairs.

(2).For self-driving Travel, all bear the transport of the work, all by your car to carry out, so you can choose a luxury comfortable table and chair,a comfy outdoor chairs.

outdoor chair

2、Apply the natural environment

Apply the natural environment will also endanger the selection of outdoor chairs.

(1).Flat terrain, the road surface reliable area, can use basically all outdoor chairs, natural total area is big, very big desk chair can be more comfortable;

(2).Rough Roads, sandy land, sandy beaches and other natural environment, low tables and chairs will be more solid;

(3).Some music season will be limited to the height-to-width ratio of tables and chairs, therefore, relatively low outdoor chairs and tables are more suitable for such places.

3、Third. Design concept thanks to the outdoor sports equipment interior designer

in recent years dedicated a lot of new styles, so that we can choose from among them. Tables and chairs can be divided into the following categories:

Outdoor chairs are light and comfortable types can be selected.

modern garden chairs

4、Forth.Material here material generally refers to the support frame

cloth and its joint parts, the higher the application of materials, the higher the price will be.

(1).SUPPORT FRAME SEAMLESS STEEL PIPE: Relativity Heavy, anti-corrosion; surface electrostatic spray solution, improve the corrosion resistance of metal materials, increase the outdoor use period. Aluminum Alloy profiles: Light, high compressive strength; surface air oxidation or electrostatic spray solution, improve the corrosion resistance of metal materials, increase the outdoor use period. Plastic: according to the plastic machine and mold Shell to complete the injection molding.

(2).Fabric polyester fabric: PVC or PE meet the post-treatment process, the most common application. Cotton (Polyester) : The touch is very light and clean Terslin: common in the courtyard or the seaside and other outdoor relative extreme natural environment.

(3).PP (polypropylene)/PA (Acrylic Resin/polyester) is widely used in plastic parts, and stainless steel and aluminum alloy are widely used in hardware parts.

Outdoor Chair

5、Fifth.Load not all tables and chairs apply the same net weight

so please check the load before buying. For example, a folding garden table and chair can carry a load of 120KG, whereas a luxury garden armchair can carry a load of 160KG. 


6、Sixth. The design at the additional function key point can highlight the humanization service

also make the application more comfortable, for example, the top of the head and the abdomen place the type soft cushion; the Guardrail Place Sponge, and cup holder; Breathable Mesh Fabric on the back enhances breathability... and comfort.

If can outdoor chair, go to storefront before choosing to buy concrete try, can let pick the probability of modern garden chairs increases greatly Yo! Look forward to assisting you with this article!

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