Basic principles of outdoor furniture collocation design
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The principle of collocation design is the prerequisite for optimizing the design of outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is the most direct visual communication carrier for people to know the city and understand the city, so that tourists and city people can feel the charm of the city every day. In order to meet people's various needs for outdoor furniture, enrich people's life in urban parks or residential areas, and highlight the local cultural characteristics, we should follow the six basic principles of people-oriented, folk, artistic, interesting, ecological and the unity of nature and man.

1. People oriented

People are the creators of history, so the presentation of any design product must meet the needs of people, take people's ideas as the core of leadership, consider their behavior habits and inner needs, such as scale, proportion, etc., to meet people's needs of entertainment, leisure, light and other functions. In addition, it should also consider the accessibility, durability, privacy. However, the real "people-oriented" is not just a slogan, nor is it to ignore or even destroy the emotional design of "people-oriented" outdoor furniture on the basis of nature. To achieve the real "people-oriented", we should follow nature, ensure its sustainable development, integrate into local characteristics, encourage people's participation, consider the emotional needs of different groups, and meet people's growing material needs Cultural needs!

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2. Folklore

The collocation design of chair set outdoor should embody the folk custom and inherit their aesthetic ideas, so as to form different kinds and styles of works. For example, the French outdoor furniture takes the bright color as the main tone, perfect and perceptual; the Italian outdoor furniture pays attention to Milan style, modern and luxurious. In addition, this modern style is particularly obvious in residential areas. There are Japanese, European, Southeast Asian, French, Chinese style pavilion seats and other outdoor furniture. Because only by reflecting the local customs, the residents can have a sense of identity, belonging and resonance.


3. Artistry


Outdoor furniture is displayed in the open air, which determines its public properties. In other words, it has the character of serving the public. People can enjoy outdoor furniture for free. But its artistic characteristic is because people's life style and cultural standard are different, causes their values, the esthetic idea to have the difference, thus produces the different outdoor furniture art. The artistry of outdoor furniture absorbs the elements of local schools, styles and customs, and expresses a kind of emotion and social cognition of designers. The source of creativity in life history comes from art. The artistic expression of outdoor furniture can be explained by modeling, inscriptions, plaque inscriptions, carving different patterns, expressing certain ideas with symbols, comparison and tips, and using rhythm and rhythm, repetition and change, barrier scenery, frame scenery, etc. in landscape art. In addition, the combination of light and shadow, reflection and other artistic features to create.


4. Interesting


Interest is a kind of life interest, is the lubricant of people's colorful life adjustment, is also a kind of enjoyment of people's higher level, and is the permanent vitality of emotional design. Interest should be reflected in its shape to be novel and unique, intriguing, and attractive in color, or strong contrast, or peaceful and comfortable. Interest can be shaped by bionics, modeling can be animals, can also be the fruit of plants and so on.

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5. Ecology

The principle of ecological design is essential for landscape designers. It focuses on environmental sustainability, pursues a long-term interest, and focuses on protection and management. It requires designers to use renewable and local materials in the design of outdoor furniture, maximize the utilization of materials, reduce the waste of energy, and retain the regional culture. In addition, designers can dress outdoor furniture with green plants, such as climbing plants, firecrackers, wisteria, and so on. They can also express their ecological feelings through durable cutting plants and perennial flowers. It should be noted that native trees are the best choice for plants. Of course, there are also some bionics, such as imitating architecture, imitating animals and plants.

6. Unity of man and nature

The traditional Chinese aesthetic concept emphasizes the harmony and unity of human beings and things, which originated from Zhuangzi's philosophy. wrought iron coffee table outdoor to achieve the unity of man and nature, must bring impact to people's psychology, this impact is the highest level of emotional and ideological exchange, it can make people's body and mind bring pleasure, bring joy, is a kind of spiritual world enjoyment. Secondly, it must be in harmony with the whole scenery; secondly, it must be in harmony with the beauty of the whole scenery.

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In short, outdoor furniture collocation design reflects the cultural connotation of the whole city, and its design is particularly important. As the main body of urban space environment, outdoor furniture emotional design should take humanization as the basic starting point, pay attention to personality, humanity and people's heart, meet the daily needs of urban residents, embody the spirit of the times, abide by people-oriented, folk, artistic and interesting The principle of ecology and the unity of man and nature. But these principles are not isolated, but closely linked. Only in this way can we create healthy, comfortable, interesting and high-quality outdoor furniture.

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