Maintenance of round rattan chair
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Maintenance of round rattan chair

1. Avoid direct sunlight

 The ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the rattan become brittle, the long-term sunlight will make the round rattan chair yellowing, make the brown and bright rattan furniture partially fade, and make the expensive bamboo rattan furniture dry, loose and detached. Therefore, it is very important to avoid direct sunlight in spring, summer and autumn. May as well use translucent white gauze curtain to separate direct sunlight, protect rattan furniture at the same time does not affect indoor lighting.

 2. Keep away from fire and heat sources

 In the north, winter heating radiator is the enemy of rattan wicker chair. If you put the rattan seat close to the radiator for about a month, you will find that the rattan close to the part is already dry and brittle, the toughness is poor, and it is difficult to recover, and some parts adhered with natural glue are about to fall. Therefore, keep in mind that rattan products should not be close to fire and heat sources.  

round rattan chair

 3. Keep ventilation

 The cross section of rattan is full of fine pipes, so round rattan chair can absorb a certain amount of water.

 If too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loose in structure, drooping in plane, and mildew will easily grow in the eyes of woven net. Therefore, if in the south, especially in the rainy season, the ventilation of rattan furniture is particularly important.

On sunny days, it's better to move the furniture to a place with ventilation after cleaning, so as to avoid mildew generation and keep it dry. Do not require "dry" heart, put it in direct sunlight, the contrast of a tide and a dry will make it easy to quickly deformation and even crack.  

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 4. Avoid damp deformation

 The advantage of corner rattan furniture is that it will be fixed to its original shape after being deformed by damp. After being blown or dried in the shade, it will still return to its original shape and size. Therefore, when the rattan furniture is damp and sagging, we should find a way to reduce its load and support it skillfully and evenly, so as to keep its original weaving shape and prevent gap deformation.  

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 5. Pest control

 What should we do when we find that the round rattan chair is partially wormed? Zanthoxylum or capsicum can kill insects and prevent borers,And there's no damage to rattan. Stir fry half Liang pepper and half Liang fine salt together, grind them, put them into boreholes, and then wrap the boreholes tightly with plastic cloth or small plastic bags, so that the smell will not leak out.

It's the same way to switch to hot pepper noodles. After 24 hours, untie the plastic cloth and inject boiling water into the boring surface to kill the remaining borers. Finally, dry with a soft towel to prevent the spread of insects.

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