This is the beginning of cheap rattan furniture
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cheap rattan furniture can make people feel the fresh and natural, simple and elegant rural air and strong smell of local civilization.

 Recently, I have been reading your messages. The most mentioned question is: the sofas, tables and chairs in the garden and on the roof are so beautiful, but after all, they are outdoor. It's OK to have pavilions or porches. If they are open-air, what should we do in rainy and cloudy days? Is the maintenance very troublesome?

cheap rattan furniture

 I would like to take this opportunity to introduce rattan furniture, which is common in outdoor courtyard activities!

 1.Rattan furniture

rattan folding chair is handmade with rattan or imitation rattan materials. Thanks to people's growing awareness of environmental protection, more and more groups tend to rattan sofa, rattan chair and rattan coffee table in the choice of outdoor furniture.

 Compared with cheap rattan furniture made of other materials, the advantages of rattan are mainly reflected in: first of all, rattanis easy to take care of, which is also the most tangled and disturbing point when people choose outdoor. In fact, rattan is more dirt resistant and wear-resistant than leather or cloth furniture. In ordinary times, they only need to use a rag to wipe the dust.

 Compared with PE material, rattan is much more expensive, so ordinary outdoor rattan furniture will not use rattan! PE is a chemical raw material.

 PE rattan features: not afraid of rain, not afraid of sun, not afraid of mildew, not afraid of fracture, outdoor use is very convenient, life 3-5 years.

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 Advantages: long time will fade oxidation, easy to clean;

 But this kind of black rattan furniture can be sun proof, dust-proof, mildew proof and moisture-proof, which is liked by many people. PE rattan can be understood as plastic rattan, balcony, which is mainly suitable for outdoor, balcony and so on, and its life is longer than real rattan

 2. PE rattan

excellent corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation), rigidity, high hardness and strength, low water absorption, good electrical performance and radiation resistance; fatigue resistance, wear resistance, anti ultraviolet.

 Rattan: good flexibility, strong air permeability, natural texture, fresh feel, comfortable and chic, long time, easy to mold, moth.

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 Outdoor rattan furniture has strong air permeability, not easy to be affected by damp, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, cheap rattan furniture feel comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer. Outdoor life must be rattan furniture will be more comfortable.

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