Current trend of modern outdoor furniture
TIME:2021-02-24 16:57:27 FROM:Outdoor Furniture Suppliers

1. modern outdoor furniture categories tend to be diversified

The outdoor boundary tends to blur, modern outdoor furniture began to enter the indoor space, and gradually become a mix and match way in people's living space. Outdoor furniture categories are more abundant, professional division of labor is more detailed, such as gazebo, sunshade, rolling plastic lamps, shower, flower pot, flower rack partition, leisure reclining chair and other supporting facilities are more complete.

modern outdoor furniture

2. Hand woven gradually transits to large-scale industrial production mode

Due to the increase of labor cost, quality outdoor furniture enterprises are looking for a new production mode that takes the metal materials that are easy to stretch and shape as the skeleton and simplifies the technical difficulty of weaving process, so as to improve labor efficiency and reduce the proportion of labor, so as to improve the market core competitiveness of products.

3. More attention should be paid to the durability, sun resistance and easy cleaning of materials

Breathable, easy to clean modern outdoor furniture is still popular in the market. Plastic, metal, teak, Narcissus, Teslin, wisteria, iron, plastic rattan, stainless steel and aluminum alloy are still the main materials in the industry. It is worth noting that "Ribbon" has become a new material, widely used by major brand enterprises, and has become a "new favorite" of materials. The use of materials is developing in the direction of lightweight and mixing; steel wood structure and steel plastic structure make the material expression more dynamic.

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4. From unique outdoor furniture to extension of space

 With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the transformation of large-scale construction projects to landscape type and functional type, public leisure places with sightseeing, leisure and entertainment as the main body, as well as high-grade residential areas and villas have been launched one after another

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A large number of hotels, gymnasiums, office buildings, shops, gardens, swimming pools, beaches, parks, golf courses, tennis courts, cafes, teahouses, high-end leisure and entertainment places, private houses, leisure places of enterprises and institutions and other supplies have strong demand, which greatly increase the scope of outdoor leisure sports space.

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