Functional material classification of outdoor furniture sale
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1. outdoor furniture sale Permanent fixed

 For example, wooden pavilion, tent solid wood table and chair, iron wood table and chair, etc. Generally, this kind of furniture should be made of high-quality wood with good corrosion resistance and heavy weight. It should be put outdoors for a long time.

For example, Seto chair, Teslin chair, folding wooden table and chair, sun umbrella, etc. When you use it, you can put it outdoors. When you don't use it, you can put it in your room. So this kind of furniture is more comfortable and practical. You don't need to consider so many strong and antiseptic properties. You can also add some cloth art to decorate it according to your hobbies.

 2. Portable outdoor furniture sale

 For example, small dining tables, dining chairs and umbrellas are usually made of aluminum alloy or canvas. They are light in weight and easy to carry. They are suitable for outdoor travel and fishing. They can also bring some outdoor equipment, such as barbecue grills and tents, to add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.  

outdoor furniture sale

Do not worry, outdoor furniture products love to use a few commonly used materials in this inventory, for your outdoor life to provide a practical choice.

 3. Aluminium

 Aluminum is a popular vintage outdoor furniture material so far (most outdoor furniture is based on aluminum frame). What is the reason behind the charm of aluminum?

 It's simple, it's very strong, but it's not bulky, and it's not expensive, and the important thing is - it doesn't rust. Therefore, aluminum furniture in outdoor use is very safe. If a layer of other colors is plated on the surface of the furniture, it can make the furniture show a variety of different styles.

 The outdoor aluminum chair looks like a simple industrial beauty, reminiscent of the old cafes in Paris.

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 Just spray clean water or mild soapy water to wipe the stains, and pay attention not to scratch off the paint and other coverage, so as to avoid oxidation.

 4. Steel outdoor furniture sale

 Steel is lighter than wrought iron, but still heavier than aluminum. However, its firmness and stability, as well as the tolerance to extreme temperature are incomparable. Powder coating keeps it from rusting.

 It is used as a outdoor furniture sale and bar seats, also used for retro design.

 Just wipe it with a wet cloth and dry it again.

 5. Teak

 Teak is very easy to get wood, is also one of the favorite wood outdoor furniture materials. Teak can cope with all kinds of climate, strong structure and beautiful grain.

 Teak is self-sufficient in oil, which is unique compared with other wood. It's also hardwood, so the surface is hard to break or dent. Even if the weather is allowed to destroy, it can still be used for 50 years, and it will retain a beautiful silver luster.

 Scrub with mild soap, water with bleach and vinegar. Be sure to use a soft plastic brush as the wire brush will damage the surface of the wood.

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 6. Forge iron outdoor furniture sale

 Forged iron is highly praised for its unique appearance and strong wind resistance. It's heavier than aluminum and steel, and it's more vulnerable to bad weather in its original state. However, in the modern technology, wrought iron furniture in the special topcoat protection, has been able to withstand the attack of moisture, so as to prevent rust.

 You can directly flush your wrought iron furniture with a water pipe, scrub it with sponge and soapy water, and use circular motion to wipe off stains and debris, and wash off soap bubbles.

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