Daily maintenance of woven rattan garden furniture sale
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The family members of woven rattan garden furniture sale  mainly include bamboo, white and red vine. Bamboo rattan, known as agate, is also known as the "king of the vine", is a high-cost vine, originated in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the south of China, rattan is rich in resources and cheap in price. Almost every household furnishing can not be separated from cane. People are used to using cupboards, cabinets, several cases, cases, screens, shelves, chairs, tables and beds made of cane.

rattan garden furniture sale

 Nowadays, with the gradual enhancement of people's environmental awareness and the return to nature, various kinds of rattan art and green craft products have entered thousands of households, becoming a new round of home decoration fashion. The texture is very strong and strong.

The cane is compact, firm, light, tough and firm, and easy to bend and form. It is not afraid of squeezing, not afraid of pressure, softness and elasticity, and is very difficult to deformation. Of course, how do you have to maintain it.

1.Special selection of rattan garden furniture sale

 To avoid direct sunlight, prevent the fading of rattan material to dry, long time exposure will easily produce deformation, bending, cracking phenomenon.

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2. Precautions

 black rattan furniture cannot be near the fire source, so as to avoid deformation and damage;

 3.The preparation of rattan garden furniture sale

 Because of the weaving method of rattan furniture, there are many places where the surface is covered with ash. It can be cleaned with brush or vacuum cleaner. Usually, it can be washed with wet cloth and soft detergent. If there is scale for a long time, scrub with salt water, not only can decontaminate, but also make the cane soft and elastic. Do not put it next to the heating pipe, its bonding part will become dry and weak due to heat. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the rattan from fading and drying.  

 4.Maintenance methods rattan garden furniture sale

 After a period of time, it needs to be decontaminated with light salt water, and it can also strengthen its flexibility;

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 Surface maintenance. In particular, in winter, the surface of rattan should be painted with varnish, waxed and cold proof measures should be taken. The moisture inside the rattan material should be kept to prevent the white rattan furniture from loosening; meanwhile, the surface of the vine should be prevented from being weathered and brittle.

 Furniture renovation can be clean on the basis of sandpaper grinding the outer cane frame, plus a layer of light oil protection can be renewed.

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