all weather outdoor furniture
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Henglian all weather outdoor furniture For Sale:

Table top YT581306

Table base YB581301

Chair YC001301

Price:>100$ Please contact with the customer service for specific price details

all weather outdoor furniture

all weather outdoor furniture in the store is not valued, the area should be assigned to other stores, the location is not good to the negative corner of the first floor.

Moreover, the pattern of the store is that the entrance is on the first floor, and the escalator is from the first floor to the fourth floor.

That is to say, only the elevator can reach the first floor. Generally, customers' habit of visiting large stores is to walk through the escalator layer by layer, unless there is a specific goal.

The elevator is just in front of me, so I will take the elevator to go up and down. From this, I can imagine the status of all weather outdoor furniture in the store. Of course, I didn't see the escalator leading to the first floor.

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