round garden table and chairs set
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foldable garden table and chairs For Sale price

Henglian foldable garden table and chairs For sale 

Table top YTC581601

Table base YB581601-1

Chair YCR001503

Price:>100$ Please contact with the customer service for specific price details

foldable garden table and chairs

foldable garden table and chairs

foldable garden table and chairs

In the details of the design is quite clever. The pursuit of exquisite and delicate carving technology, the production of a cultural tone of the carving design contains the details, showing a low-key noble.

Some European style or door-to-door products introduce complex Baroque and Rococo styles. These two styles are famous in the design industry for their complexity and delicacy. It can be imagined that the effect of using these two styles in foldable garden table and chairs will be the ultimate luxury momentum.

European classical style emphasizes exquisite modeling and gorgeous visual effect, and also uses some special objects, such as the image of cheetah, to set off the magnificent and elegant, introverted and elegant effect, presenting the visual feast of 17th century European royal family.

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