outdoor table and chairs
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outdoor table and chairs For sale price

Henglian outdoor table and chairs For sale 

Table topYTW891103

Table base YB891701

Price:>100$ Please contact with the customer service for specific price details

outdoor table and chairs

The sofa woven by exquisite manual means has a proper appearance. With exquisite fabric cushion and pillow, the high-quality cotton is used, which is elastic, which helps to alleviate fatigue, and increases the aesthetic feeling and greatly enhances its practicability.

outdoor table and chairs  is a kind of furniture based on outdoor places. Most of the rattan sofas can be made into any combination type. No matter the size of the place, it can change the placement and use of furniture by free combination. It can be said that it is one of the most powerful types of wicker outdoor furniture and a great choice for consumers.

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