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henglian outdoor dining furniture For Sale :

Table top YT681214

Table base YB681202

Chair YC001210

Price:>100$ Please contact with the customer service for specific price details

outdoor dining furniture

outdoor dining furniture art will be simple and elegant, classical and modern, it not only brings people the enjoyment of life quality, but also makes people feel a simple and simple furniture style and profound home style, and puts it in the position of mind,and the feeling of the taster in the fine carving and winding.

The elderly are the best for the leisure of imitation rattan, and the elderly prefer the seat, and the effect of a cushion is better.

 Experts explain that there is a small protuberance under the sitting bone of the pelvis, which is called the ischian nodule. The top of the pelvis is long with a sliding sac.

When people sit down, the slide bag and the object sitting on each other secrete mucus when they contact each other, which plays a buffer role and reduces the discomfort when contacting hard objects

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