8 seater garden furniture For sale price

Henglian 8 seater garden furniture For sale :

Table top YT681118

Table base YB681105

Chair YC001119

Price:>100$ Please contact with the customer service for specific price details

8 seater garden furniture

Compared with 8 seater garden furniture pays more attention to the durability, sun resistance and easy cleaning of materials, and gradually tends to be light and diversified. For the environment that likes idyllic style, the natural color of wood can't be more suitable. The natural texture and temperament are easier to coordinate. 

Through the delicate lines and details, we can create a calm and natural living atmosphere, relax the nervous body and mind, and make the complicated life more romantic outdoor 8 seater garden furniture has gradually become a new fashion, paying more attention to personalization and people's inner feelings, so that people can quietly experience the romantic and warm petty bourgeois life after busy work. A parasol, several wooden tables and chairs, plus a cup of herbal tea, mixed with the setting sun in the afternoon and completely relaxed state of mind are the yearning of everyone in the city! garden dining furniture has begun to enter the lives of thousands of people.

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