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Henglian old wrought iron chairs For sale :YC001407

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old wrought iron chairs is the favorite of outside garden furniture. It brings these traditional garden furniture into the indoor, and enjoys the pleasure of outdoor leisure at any time.

Cane chair is the focus of living room. Rattan tea table and rattan cushion are matched with each other, bringing people's thoughts into the forest and breathing fresh air.

Put the wicker old wrought iron chairs, cane seat and rattan basket in the outdoor, open a corner on the balcony to create indoor courtyard scenery, green packaging makes this space add a lot of fresh breath.

The effect of cane weaving hollow makes the outdoor sofa full of charm. White cushion and red wrought iron chairs form a sharp contrast with round garden furniture, and the comfortable and leisure atmosphere will be formed.

If the wicker and rattan furniture is full of charm, white cushion and red armchair and dark cane sofa form a sharp contrast, and the comfortable and leisure atmosphere will be formed.

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