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Henglian white wrought iron chairs For sale:YC001330

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The so-called rely on, refers to the backer, refers to the solid wall behind the sofa reliable, no worries, this is in line with the geomantic road. In ancient China, natural marble was used as the back of the white wrought iron chairs, and the pattern on it and the mountain scenery were better. That's the reason.  

wicker and rattan furniture should be bent rather than straight

Sofa in the important position of the living room, like the country's main port, must be able to accept as much water as possible, in order to flourish. A good port must have an overhanging bend on both sides, the shape of which is like the U of the English alphabet. The overhanging bend is still protected by both arms. The concave part in the center is the air receiving position of fengshui, which can store wind and gather gas, so as to achieve prosperity of both people and money.

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