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In daily life, sofa has the function of rest, chatting and meeting guests, so it occupies a very important position in residential Feng Shui. It is very particular about its placement, so there are such requirements when it is placed:  

 1. iron bistro chairs  Pay attention to the number of sets

  Sofa shape is divided into single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, square sofa and round sofa. In terms of materials, I also know outdoor sling chairs. In terms of color and shape, there are more varieties.  

 2. Sofa should pay attention to position

  Sofa because it is for a size of daily sitting and sleeping furniture, should pay attention to the location of the display.To the residence facing east, the sofa should be placed in the East, Southeast, South and north of the living room. To the residence that faces west, sofa should be put in the southwest of sitting room, due west, northwest and northeast these four directions are better.

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