marble top dining room table
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marble top dining room table For sale

Henglian marble top dining room table For sale :YT580719

marble top dining room table

So, what measures can be taken to avoid damp?First of all, in case of heavy rain weather, marble top dining room table should be transferred to the interior in time. There is a gap between the vines, which is easy to produce water vapor and damp the interior.

Secondly, when there are water droplets or water mist on the surface, it is necessary to use clean cotton cloth to dry in time, or you can buy a special cleaner, which is equivalent to applying a protective film on the surface to prevent water from entering.

luxury rattan furniture will naturally return to its original shape when it is damp and dry, so it must not be pressed by human force or other operations that may cause deformation, because it is likely to cause irreversible deformation, which should be paid attention to during use.

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