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Henglian rectangular marble table tops for sale :YT681425


Always wear gloves when cleaning. Use nylon gloves or rubber gloves to protect your hands when cleaning black iron patio chairs. Most of them are made of relatively strong materials. A pair of gloves can effectively protect hands from injury during cleaning.

At the same time, you can use the water pipe for cleaning. When you need to pay attention, you should control the water flow. It is not convenient to use the high pressure water column for flushing, which may cause damage to the furniture.

Choose mild cleaning products. When cleaning rectangular marble table tops, we should use mild environmental protection, no side effects, no corrosive cleaning products.

Targeted cleaning, distinguish cleaning tools. Don't use a brush to the end. There are many materials for outdoor furniture. Brushes are only suitable for cleaning furniture made of hard and wear-resistant materials, such as wooden furniture and iron furniture. 

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